Classic Cars: Plymouth Carburetors

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Plymouth P-15 1948


Plymouth P-15 1947


Plymouth P-14 1942


Plymouth P-11 P-12 1941


Plymouth P-7 P-8 P-9 P-10
P-11 P-12 1939 1940 1941


Plymouth 1933 to 1938


Plymouth 1935 to 1938




Plymouth 1933 to 1935




New Mexico parts may be what you need to restore your old Plymouth.  Given the dry climate and few people, there are still salvagable old vehicles out in the back country waiting to be found.  You might even find an old Plymouth carburetor you could repair.  Gaskets and rubber materials will have been cooked by the sun but there is little water so rust and corrosion will probably not be a problem with any auto parts you may find.