Chevrolet with Old Carter Carburetors : CHEVROLET CARBURETER No. 569S 1932 thru 1936

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CHEVROLET CARBURETER No. 569S 1932 thru 1936

Form 6520—Canadian
CHEVROLET 569S October, 1945
2125 - 222S - 222SA - 235S -
259S - 260S - 284S - 285S -
319S - 334S

CHEVROLET CARBURETER No. 569S 1932 thru 1936

Casting No. 421 on face of flange.
A $2.50 exchange allowance is deducted from the list price if buyer turns in old carburetor.
For Chevrolet Six Cylinder Engine: 1932-1936
Dimensions: Flange size, 1114 inch S. A. E. Primary venturi, 11/32 inch I. D.
Secondary venturi, II/16 inch I. D. Main venturi, 11/4 inch I. D.
Float Level: Distance from float (at free end) to float chamber cover, when needle is seated, to be 1/2 inch plus or minus 1/64 inch.
Vents: Outside, none. Inside balance vent tube above choke valve 13/64 inch I. D.
Gasoline Intake: Square vertical needle. Size No. 48 drill hole in needle seat.
Low Speed Jet Tube: Vertical jet, size .035 inch diameter.
By-pass in body, size No. 51 drill.
Economizer jet, size .0545 to .0555 inch diameter.
Idle Ports: Upper port diameter, No. 44 drill. Lower port diameter, No. 54 drill.
Idle Port Opening: Top of lower port .044 to .048 inch above top edge of valve, with valve closed tight.
Idle Screw Seat: Size No. 52 drill.
Set Idle Adjustment Screw: 11/4 to 21/4 turns open. For richer mixture, turn screw cut. Do not attempt to idle engine below 350 r. p. m.
Outer Nozzle: In primary venturi, angle 30°. Discharge size,
.125 inch diameter.
Inner Nozzle: (Seats in outer nozzle) .120 inch I. D. Nozzle Retainer Plug: Jet size, No. 31 drill.
Metering Rod: Economy step .067 inch diameter. Second step tapers to .062 inch diameter. Third step tapers to .060 ineh diameter. Power step .046 inch diameter. Length 33/8 inches.
Metering Rod Jet: Size .093 inch diameter.
Metering Rod Setting: Use gauge, part No. T109-25 (2.795 inches).
Accelerating Pump: Low pressure type with non-adjustable

Discharge jet, size No. 72 drill.
Intake disk check plug, size No. 62 drill (Bakelite disk). Discharge disk check plug, size No. 40 drill (Brass disk). Choke: Manual—butterfly type, offset valve.
Throttle Valve: Opens to within 0° to 3° from perpendicular.
Vacuum Spark Port: Slot type: size, .041 to .125. Bottom of port .000 to .004 above top of valve.
Motor Tune-Up—Be Accurate! Always Use Feeler Gauges!
CAUTION: Change worn or leaky flange gaskets. Tighten manifold bolts and test compression before adjusting carbureter. tt
Spark Plug Gap
Set Valves—Hot
Set Use Neon Timing
Breaker Points Light or Timing Light
Correct Float Level (Remove Cork Gasket and measure from
machined surface of float cover) /2 Inch
Idle Adjustment Screw Setting
1¼ to 21/4 Turns Open
NOTE: For 5695 installation, set engine to manufacturer's specifications for that particular year and model.
Copyright 1945