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Old Carburetors attempts to make the contents of old carburetor manuals, and other old classic car repair manuals, available in an indexed and searchable form. Pages are arranged with text from the manuals at the top and an image of the original page at the bottom.  If something in the text doen't make sense, look at the image to see the original layout. 

Since all the text is searchable, the best way to find specific information is to use the search page link in the menu on the left.  This will be the quickest way to find information which may be scattered on many pages.  However, if you would just like to read through the book/manual, the pages are usually in front to back order.  I will be adding links to make it easy to page forward and back.

Some people like old cars, others like old homes.  I am working on a site for people interested in the Arts and Crafts Movement, Craftsman style furniture, and bungalow style decor.   If you are interested in the archictecture and design of this period,   please visit my bungalow style website.

I have always like handcrafted items and Ebay has been a popular site with me for a long time.  You can collect very specific items and have more choice daily than you would have visiting hundreds of antique stores.  My wife and I are in the process of publishing what we have learned from several thousand Ebay auctions at our About Auctions website. This site will grow as we begin to deal with all the "stuff" we have been "blessed" with as older relatives on both sides of the family have died. 

We had a German exchange student stay with us for a year and he introduced us to "Smokers" and other handcrafted wood items from the Erzgebirge region of Germany.  Ebay made it possible to buy many of these items that American tourists had brought back from Europe over the years.  We have plans to display and discuss these items at our Erzgebirge website.  The especially interesting items are marked "Expertic" on the bottom and were an export product of the old DDR.  This whole period of the DDR (East Germany) makes an interesting opportunity for collecting.  I is limited in time from after world war II until the Berlin wall came down in 1986.  Out student, who was a child when the wall fell prefaced MANY of his conversations with "in DDR times..."  For that reason we registered and hope to use it to discuss and display things from this unique place and time. 

Thanks for visiting.

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