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1935 Chevy BODIES

The bodies of the Master De Luxe passenger cars are constructed by an entirely new method, which not only permits designs of more beauty, but provides strength, durability, and safety.

The bodies incorporate more square inches of steel which is disposed to provide the maximum of safety.strength and securely anchored at either side of the car to the strong framework of hard wood.
The body of the Master De Luxe cars is firmly attached to the frame at twenty points on the trunk models and at sixteen points on the other models. Seven mounting points are located along the side rail and six between the rails.
Fig. 320— Body Frame Work
Each body consists of a solid framework of steel braced by wood, the sheet steel units closely fitted and welded together, Figure 320. The body floor is a single steel stamping, grooved and ribbed for great strength and firmly supported by a wood and steel framework. It extends from the rear of the car to the front end structure of the body frame to which it is welded. Its forward end is bent upward to form the toe board. Strong, removable steel in this underbody provide access to the pedals and transmission. A strong plywood panel is provided above the battery.
The front structure of each body frame, to which the cowl panel is welded, consists of an inner cowl, the instrument panel, the front pillars and the windshield headed panel, all of sturdy, rugged steel, carefully braced and welded together to form a single piece.
The roof is a solid piece of seamless steel, drawn and formed from a single piece of steel. It is reinforced by heavy bows, flanged and grooved for
The bodies are thoroughly insulated by padding of deadener felt 16° thick, which is securely cemented in place. The insulating felt should be replaced and cemented in place with FS-777 if removed for welding or metal bumping operations.
Closed Body Service Instructions
In performing repair operations on closed bodies or other parts of the car, care should be taken to avoid soiling the interior of the car. Suitable covers to protect upholstery, shroud, fenders, etc., should be used.
Care of Upholstery
The upholstery material catches more or less dust and can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or whisk broom.
If the material becomes spotted, cleaning fluid such as Carbona or other suitable cleaner is recommended for removing the spots.
Floor carpets may be cleaned with gasoline and a sponge.