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The function of the cooling system is to keep the engine at its most efficient operating temperature under all driving conditions. This is accomplished by the use of a cellular type radiator, water pump, fan, and connecting parts.

The radiator is of the ribbed cellular type and is scientifically designed to provide adequate cooling at all speeds. It is strong, yet retains all of the flexibility found in this type of construction. The water passages are of adequate size, being designed with great care to provide sufficient area and to in-sure free flow of the water to the pump.
An important factor in the efficiency of this radiator is a baffle chamber in the upper tank of the
radiator. This chamber is an inverted "V" shape and is located at the center of the upper tank around the inlet fitting. See Fig. 265. At high speeds and on heavy pulls the water temperature increases, building up a pressure in the baffle chamber. This local pressure forces the hot water downward through the center passages of the core, where it is cooled most effectively by the fan blast. The hot water in the baffle chamber, which cannot be handled instantly by the center core passages, is discharged through the ends of the baffle chamber and is diffused by contact with the water in the upper part of the tank. The core passages at the sides, beyond the influence of the baffle action, continue to conduct the water downward from the upper tank by gravity and suction.